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       Guangzhou WenJie International  Air Express Co.,LTD established in China in 2001, got the legal shareholding system joint venture engaged in express delivery of international , domestic air transport that Chinese Government sanctioned.

      The present service of our department has special messenger's special deliveries, such international express delivery companies as Express Mail Service , DHL , FEDEX , UPS , TNT , moderate speed TNT , EMS , international special line and air transport ,etc. cooperate closely, offer the safe , prompt door to every customer to the global express delivery of the door.

     Wenjie Air express co.,ltd operate through practice for many years , has accumulated abundant freight transportation experience. Inherit " first quality , , prestige the highest " insist with customer standing together through thick and thin , with customer go forward hand in hand, devoted to offering the most favorable price , the most high-quality service to customer and creating value for customer, it is our operative norm. Our company offers overbalanced and high-quality transportation service for vast domestic and international customer wholeheartedly.

    No matter how the world changes, only gentle victory eternity! So long as a telephone of yours, can enjoy the service with warm gentle victory . It is no matter now or not in the future for he can not always at sincere , low price, high-quality, high-efficient, swift service aim, develop one's own special line advantage, earn the business opportunity for you , let you feel proud and elated in the business circles , return a graceful life to you! It is our honour to serve you, it is our duty to make you satisfied. We will give priority to customer's interests constantly , and will create tomorrow beautiful with you hand in hand!

    Our company is still devoted to company's informationization , networked construction in recent years, set up the inside express delivery information system of serving the whole network, extend the information service of the inside express delivery to the customer service at the same time , set up detailed online express mail to follow and inquire about, in the express delivery trade in the lead.

    The company's commitment to customer is punctual , safe , swift, namely accept one to the doorstep on time, guarantee security of the things and sending to the destination fast.

     Express delivery service theory of the gentle victory ! !!

          Company's spirit - " strive , open up , be practical , innovate "

          Company aim- "customer the highest, reputation first, service first-class "  

          Company idea" take first phone of you only, other things are made by me! "

          Company's creed- " treasure and ask , loyal service , keep prestige sincerely "

          Company's goal- " hold up the sky of one party and lead the express delivery trend "

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