October 2014 international courier DHL, FedEx Fuel Surcharge
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 October 2014 international courier DHL, FedEx fuel surcharge consolidated statement, DHL fuel costs: 21.5%, UPS surcharge: 19.5%, TNT fuel surcharge: 19.5%, FEDEX Federal Express Fuel Surcharge: 17.5%, twenty one four in nine international express fuel costs. 

Twenty one years in October international express aviation fuel surcharge 
!. Dear Customer Hello Thank you very much, and the company has long been the strong support of our business, in October 2014 our fuel surcharge consolidated statement are as follows: 
1, DHL DHL mainland / Hong Kong DHL are as follows: from from 30 September 2014 to 31 October 2014 date was 21.5%; 
Mainland / Hong Kong DHL Express fuel costs 21.5 percent, refer to the website: http: //www.cn.dhl.com/zh/express/shipping/shipping_advice/express_fuel_surcharge.html 
DHL international courier free hotline: 800-810-8000 mobile phone users to play: 4008108000 Guangzhou DHL agent Tel: 020-36680069 86372740 
2, UPS United Parcel Express Hong Kong / Mainland Fuel costs: from October 3, 2014 to November 2, 2014 was 19.5%; 
  Check Web site: http: //www.ups.com/content/cn/zh/shipping/cost/zones/fuel_surcharge.html 
    UPS courier free hotline: 800-820-8388 mobile phone users call: 400-820-8388 Guangzhou UPS agent hotline: 020-36680069 86372740 
3, TNT fuel surcharge from September 27, 2014 to November 3, 2014 was 19.5% (uncoated security costs) 
      TNT fuel surcharge query URL: http: //www.tnt.com/express/zh_hk/site/home/support/surcharges.html 
  TNT Express free hotline: 800-820-9868 Guangzhou TNT Agent Hotline: 020-36680069 86372740 
4, FEDEX Federal Express fuel surcharge from October 5, 2014 to November 3, 2014 was 17.5%; 
      FedEx Fuel Surcharge query URL: http: //www.fedex.com/hk/about/dfs_jan08.html 
  FEDEX free hotline: 800-988-1888 mobile phone users to play: 400.886.1888 Guangzhou FEDEX agent hotline: 020-36680069 86372740 
5, EMS China Global Express Mail Shipping fuel surcharges 
    Check Web site: http: //www.ems.com.cn 
  EMS Global Express Mail Phone: 11185 or 11183 Guangzhou International EMS agency Phone: 020-36680069 86372740 
  6 Guangzhou Wen Jie express international scheduled service from October 1, 2014 to November 5, 2014 No Fuel Surcharge 
    Check Web site: http: //www.wjexpress.com 
   Guangzhou Wen Jie international courier service hotline: 020-36680069 86372740 
                24-hour hotline: 15360082960 13728035675 
  7, Hong Kong, sending pieces: free fuel surcharges; 
Wishing: Regards Thank you for using Wen Jie courier service!!
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