FEDEX Express cargo packaging
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FEDEX Express cargo packaging,FedEx does not accept a wooden box packaging, FEDEX Federal Express does not accept wrapped package can not be unpacking.

     Then FedEx-Fedex channels to inform, to accept 100% of the new provisions of the box inspection checks FedEx for all goods, goods packaging materials (such as wood packaging, tin trunk, etc.) is not easy unpacking and can not its out-of-the-box testing, will not arrange delivery. If the goods need to continue to arrange transit, the need to replace other packaging materials.

Please aware of each sender, select the appropriate logistics channels; cause inconvenience, please understand!
 Notice is hereby given! If any questions, please call our service hotline :020 -36,680,069 86,372,740 Thanks for your support!
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December 5, 2012



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