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2012 Spring Festival holiday notice - Guangzhou Wenjie international courier company, ahead of Chinese New Year holiday vacation, international express agent DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, air parcel and other Chinese New Year holidays in advance

Dear customer
     Hello, Happy New Year 2012, thanks to your company and your continued support of our company, and very honor to conduct business with your company from co! Spring Festival is approaching, please our customers well in advance of shipment preparation. This year's Spring Festival holiday thanks in advance cooperation in the past year we are very happy, thank you for your attention. Wen Jie Guangzhou International Air Express Co., Ltd. to the Company's staff leadership and staff wish everyone Happy New Year, Year of the Dragon mascot!

Division I is released during the Spring Festival holiday as follows:

1, Chinese New Year holiday time from January 14, 2012 (the Lunar twenty) to January 29, 2012 (the Lunar New Year 7).

2,2012 Jan. 13 (that is, the Lunar xx) 3:00 pm express from all transit stops.

3, DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, international express in line and so on January 13, 2012 the day before four o'clock the last set only.

4,2012 Jan. 30 (year eight) has begun to return to normal work and transit of all goods.

5, during the holidays there are special circumstances please feel free to contact (phone: 153600829601 22 to 25 stop answering all the advice and inquiries) Please note, please forgive the inconvenience!

         Also hope the coming year, your company continue to support us, we will do our best to provide a full range of your win-win situation, attentive service. Wishing you Happy New Year friends and good luck!!!

                                                                   Wen Jie Guangzhou International Air Express Co., Ltd.
                                                                        January 9, 2012

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